Life learning is about trusting children to learn what they need to know and about helping them to learn and grow in their own ways.

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eaningful engagement of the family in the child’s early years is crucial.  It supports the building of foundations for lifelong learning. Child Development is  a continuous and cumulative process. While traditional education programs tend to focus on primary education, there is increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition and educational skills in Early Childhood.


It is said that one in every five children in the world is Indian. The demand for Early Childhood Education is increasing and diversifying in India due to reduced child  and maternal mortality. Increased investment in education along with improved family income, and emerging trends of nuclear and double-income families, has improved health and nutrition of mothers and children.


At Smart Steps, we believe in nurturing organic learning communities. Therefore Smart Steps and Smart Parents place an emphasis on creating and sustaining learning activities at home and in the community to enhance each child’s early learning. We support Smart Steppers (Children) and their parents (also other members of family)  working  together on simple and easy-to-do assignments. We have formed Smart Parents Clubs that conduct various activities  to create opportunities for children to learn through exposure and hands-on experiences. These clubs organise trips to markets, the Fire Brigade, Malls, farms as per the convenience and requirement of the Parents.

Recently, our Smart Steppers from Indore Center visited the Public Market with their Parents and Teachers. It was fun as well a great learning experience for everyone including Parents and Teachers.

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