Innovative, Observation and Activity-based evaluation of Smart Steppers to see the progress

IMG_20151026_231838To enable us to observe the Centers functioning and assess the Steppers progress, we have designed an Observation and Activity-based method for Assessment in our Smart Steps Preschools that can be done comfortably during a normal session. We want to see Smart Steppers progressing in the best environment possible. One of the challenges is to figure out how to provide appropriate support to the Preschool-teachers and to the children to make the experience of Assessment productive and enjoyable. We help the Smart Preschool Teacher to achieve this through the interactions that she has with the Steppers and the Steppers have with each other. Our system of assessment allows us to continuously monitor the progress and development of the Steppers and Centers. So that we can provide support  where and when required.


We assess the Smart Preschool Teachers and their Steppers through their responses and interactions via:

  • Individual Activities: Coloring shapes, joining dots, copy-writing skills
  • Small Group Activities: Matching, sequencing, classifying objects, recognizing pictures, counting, recognizing numbers and alphabets, book and mobile handling
  • Larger Group Activities: Listening to stories, discussion, rhymes and songs


  1. Activity and observation based assessment
  2. Stress-free evaluation for children and teacher
  3. Easy and quick method to understand the status of  the Preschool
  4. Monitors/Supervisors able to understand the class better
  5. Useful in training the teachers on-the-spot
  6. Leads to further  planning


  • Admin says:

    Let’s not mix ‘Assessment’ with ‘TESTING’. For young children, continuous and observation-based assessment (or evaluation) is required. So that further activities can be planned accordingly.